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All Kitespots from Sardinia in one Overview

Kitesurfing Sardinia ¬Ľ All kitespots in one overview

The island that every kitesurfer should have seen once

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and offers for kitesurfing dream kitespots for beginners to professionals, from wave to flat water and you basically always have wind for kiting in Sardinia.

Between Corsica and Tunisia lies the 24,090 km¬≤ island of Sardinia, a kiter’s dream come true, at least for me, especially for kiteboarding.

I have been to Sardinia for kitesurfing a total of five times, well at 16 years old still as a windsurfing beginner. But in 2010 I made my first kite attempts, after my kite course, in Porto Pollo.

In 2014 and 2015 we were each 3 weeks and 2017 4 weeks on the wonderful island and went each time once around. This way I was able to see a lot of the island and have different experiences.

I have already written some kitespot descriptions of Sardinia. Now I would like to introduce you to this island a little bit more detailed, because and especially for kiting Sardinia is ideal.

The 2nd edition of the Sardinia Kite Travel Guide is expected to be published in March early April 2023 .

Until then, the Kite Travel Guide: Kitesurfing in Sardinia 2nd edition can be pre-ordered in our Kiteshop.

Among all those who pre-order the kite travel guide of Sardinia, we raffle again a 30 EURO EinfachKiten GUTSCHEIN, which can be redeemed on all our kite travel guides.

The online version of the 1st edition is still available.

*Affiliate link: The links marked with * are so-called affiliate links. If a purchase is made via such a link, we will receive a commission. There are no additional costs for you. Where, when and how you buy a product is of course up to you.

At one glance
Standort Mediterranean Sea
Kiterevier Shallow water to wave
Könnerstufe All skill levels
beste Zeit April-May, Oct-Nov
Spezial The right thing for everyone
Spottipp Follow the wind
√úbernachten Camper, Bus, Apartment
Wild stehen Low season tolerated

Best time

The best time to visit Sardinia for kitesurfing is in April – May or October – November, when the tourists are still or back home and the island shows its most beautiful side.

In this time you can confidently camp wild, find enough wind, parking is free and criminal gangs are also not on the road. If you ever have a light wind day, be sure to take your hydrofoil board with you because Sardinia is simply ideal for the kitefoil.

June and September are still possible, but some places like Porto Pollo, San Teodoro la Cinta, Porto Pino, Stintino, Cardedu and Campulongu are already being converted to tourism.

So parking spaces already cost something, the sunbathers have priority over us kiters and there are kite restrictions or bans. For more details see my kitespot descriptions for Sardinia.

Affected by bans is Stintino and restrictions are in San Teodoro la Cinta, Porto Pino, Campulongu and Cardedu. There you are only allowed to kite in certain places. But here it also depends on how many sunbathers are on the beach.

The arrival

Basically you can reach Sardinia for kitesurfing by plane or by ferry.

You can fly to Olbia, Alghero and Cagliari, which I recommend, however, with sports luggage and low mobility only at most for short trips.

The five major ports of call are: Olbia, Cagliari, Arbatax, Porto Torres and Golfo Aranci. And on the Italian mainland, the ferry departs from Genoa, Livorno, Piombino, Civitavecchia and Naples.

Our most common route is Piombino to Olbia with Moby Lines. On this route the “Camping on Board”. offered from April to September. This is very convenient because you can work on Deck can stay in your camper. But we are also already from Livorno driven. (Unfortunately, since 2018 camping on board is no longer offered)

From October, unfortunately, there is no camping on board, but here the Grimaldi Lines is a good choice, as it is cheap and from the inventory in order. You can find a good ferry comparison at Direct Ferries Portal* .
There you will find a list of all possible ferries for your selected period.


With the camper.

If you are mobile for kiting in Sardinia, it is definitely to your advantage. The best way to get around the island is by camper or bus, because this is the best way to discover the island and stay where you like or where the wind blows. Often simply right on the beach.

And it is really worth to drive across the island or over the mountains, there are many beautiful places, beaches and places to discover. Even a small ski resort. Just keep your eyes open and enjoy.

When you ask me for the most beautiful place, beach or place to kite on Sardinia, then I can not answer you so. There is so much to discover and every place and every kitespot is special in its own way.

The distances

The nice thing about Sardinia is that there are no tolls, so you can confidently use the highway to get from north to south or west to east.

For example, if you drive from Porto Pollo (far north) to Chia (far south), it will take you about 4:15 hours (350km), depending on traffic.

If you drive from west to east it will take you 1.5 to 2 hours (150 – 200 km), depending on the roads, provided of course you don’t have an old gentleman like us. ūüėõ

The winds in Sardinia

There are 9 winds in Sardinia for kitesurfing. Here you can find a list of the winds and their suitable kitespots of Sardinia, which I know so far.

Tramontana – North wind

cold and stormy, winter fierce

Maestrale/Mistral – Northwest wind

cold, stormy and violent

Grecale – Northeast wind

cold and gusty, stormy

Ponente – West wind

moderate summer wind, refreshing

Levant – East Wind

light to stormy

Libeccio – Southwest wind

Thunderstorms summer + autumn, winter stormy

Scirocco – Southeast wind

humid, warm, high humidity

Austro/ Ostro/ Mezzogiorno – South wind

temperate, warm

  • Poetto Beach
  • Geremeas


  • San Giovanni di Sinis
  • La Maddalena Spiaggia
  • Poetto Beach

Not to be forgotten is also the Bora, known from Grado. Here the wind arrives as a north-northeast wind and is cold and dry but fierce.

Material and Spottips

On the island every kiter will find the right thing, no matter if beginner or pro, flat water lover, wave cracker or hydrofoiler. Every kitesurfer at his expense, even if you just want to learn kiting in Sardinia

The kitematerial:

Basically smaller kites are a good choice, but also the big You should have a light windshield with you. I often rode the 9 and 13 and once or twice rode the 7 and 15.

When it comes to boards, you can pack everything from waveboards to twintips to foilboards. Yes according to your wishes.


In the off-season I mostly went with my 4/3 Neo, but in April a 5.5 can’ t be bad either.

In June I was also already on the road with boardshorts and Lycra, but it was very warm. Otherwise, probably more the shorty. In September I was on the road with the Shorty.

In the fall, the water can still be warmer from the summer, but I think a long neo is already comfortable.

If you want to learn kiting Sardinia is a good choice. In the following I will show you kitespots that are ideal for learning kitesurfing.

Good beginner spots:

But you can also find special shallow water and wave spots for kiting in Sardinia.

Good shallow water spots:

Good wave spots:

Sardinia is also ideal for kitefoiling and you have even more wind yield and can discover larger water areas. So be sure to take your hydrofoil board with you to Sardinia.

Good foil spots:

The kitespots in Sardinia

Now there are all the kitespot descriptions from the blog, at a glance.

Clockwise from north:

Kitespots not yet described in the same order:

  • Alghero
  • La Maddalena Spiaggia
  • Porto Pino
  • Capo S.Marco
  • Capo Manu

Tips and hints

1. my main tip for Sardinia is actually, be mobile.

2. otherwise buy fruits and vegetables (TOMATES!) at the fruit stands and not in the supermarket. Also, be sure to buy the cheese from the dealers out of the trunk, they are everywhere, especially in parking lots. In short, buy from local merchants.

3. don’t follow the camperservice signs, or you’ll end up, like us, in nirvana with most of them. Go straight to the campsite and do the service there. Never just dump it anywhere!!! And if you prefer the bushes, use a shovel and do not leave piles of paper and landmines.

4. Don’t make open fire, the island is very fire prone and always take your garbage with you. Until you find a trash can. (Can sometimes take a while, because the trash cans are partially dismantled in the off-season).

When you are at a kitespot, familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures there. Ask other kiters if you are not sure. Basically avoid launching and kiting between the bathers and leave a good impression so that many more kiters can come to kitesurf in Sardinia.

6. enjoy this wonderful island of Sardinia and tell me about your experiencesūüėÄ

7. on facebook i have now created the group Kitesurfing in Sardinia created. There you can invite others, exchange, give tips and share experiences.

8. since 2018 my kite travel guide for Sardinia is available in the bookshop. There is a print and eBook version. There you will find a more detailed description of 25 kitespots. In addition, there are many tips and experiences for the stay on the wonderful island of Sardinia.

If you find my kitespot descriptions and articles about Sardinia helpful and want to support me a bit, then I can only recommend my book to you. Details about the content can be found here.

Experience reports

As already mentioned, we were in May 2015 for 3 weeks in Sardinia. During this trip I kept an exact diary and wrote down every day under On Tour, Sardinia 2015.

Also our trip in October 2017 I have recorded in four posts, you can find them under Sardinia 2017.

Maybe you will find a tip or inspiration for your next trip to Sardinia.

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Who writes here?

My name is Sabrina and I am a passionate kiter. I report about cool kitespots, funny experiences and give tips about kitesurfing, kitefiling and life in a camper.

kiteprinzess | hydrofoilgirl | kreativjunky | part time nomad

Now it's your turn

I hope I could make the island palatable to you, or maybe you have already been kiting in Sardinia yourself. Or maybe you learned kitesurfing there?

What were your experiences and adventures like? Do you share my love for Sardinia? Do you have any suggestions, additions, experiences or tips on the topic? I look forward to your comment.

You found this post helpful or entertaining? Then feel free to recommend it. I am grateful to you for this support!



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