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Kitespot Puzziteddu Sizily from Einfach Kiten

Kitesurfing in Puzziteddu

The well-known wave spot for kitesurfing is relatively secluded in the southwest of the island of Sicily and is 10 kilometers east of the town of Mazara del Vallo. One

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Titelbild Kitesurfing in Spain

Kitesurfing in Spain

In 2023, we are really busy. In the spring, Portugal and the 2nd edition of Sardinia appeared. In addition, we are currently writing the Sicily Kitetravelguide, which is expected to

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Kitesurfing in Sicily

We were on the road again with our camper. This time we went to Sicily for kitesurfing and explored the beautiful island intensively. After our already published kite travel guides: Sardinia, Greece, Croatia and Portugal, the next one will be about Sicily.

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Kitesurfing in Portugal the Overview

Kitesurfing in Portugal

After Sardinia and Greece, we are working on two more kite travel guides this year. Besides Croatia, our kite travel guide for Portugal is also in the works. We were

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Kitesurfing Croatia the Overview

Kitesurfing in Croatia

After Sardinia and Greece, our next Kitetravelguide is here, Croatia. We have already been to this special country several times and now we deal with Croatia even more intensively. EU

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Top five Kitespots in the Mainland of Greece

Top 5 Kitespots in Greece

Greece is known for its good wind in summer and so many visit the famous islands of Rhodes, Kos, Limnos, Naxos, Karpathos etc.. But also on the mainland there are

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From now on our KITE travel guides: Kitesurfing in Croatia, Kitesurfing in Greece,Mainland and Kitesurfing in Sardinia, are available in our store.

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