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Kitesurfing in Croatia

Our next kitesurfing trip will take us to the land of rocky coasts

After Sardinia and Greece, our next Kitetravelguide is here, Croatia. We have already been to this special country several times and now we deal with Croatia even more intensively.

EU member with own currency

Although they are part of the EU, Croatia offers you a vacation feeling like the old days because they still have their own currency, Kuna. So it means always to exchange in your head, find exchange bureaus and exchange according to a good rate.

But this is by far not everything about this great country. It is known for its crystal clear waters, rocky shores and popular with many sailors. So, there should also be good wind and this we want to find, preferably with a suitable spot without rocks and other dangers.

The wind varies depending on the region and the season. In the south you will find very good conditions from April/May to September and in Istria there are good bora days from September to May. So we have to take a closer look at each area.

Ab sofort ist unser dritter KITEreiseführer: Kitesurfen in Kroatien, in unserem Shop erhältlich.

Croatia in numbers

Croatia has a total area of 56,594 km² and a coastline of 5835 km, of which 1777 km form the mainland. There are 1244 large and small islands in Croatia, which is together a coastline of 4058 km. There is a lot to discover and explore.

Croatia has 4,036,000 inhabitants and the capital is Zagreb. The highest mountain is Dinara with 1831 m. And in the ski resort Platak you can also ski in winter. The largest lake in Croatia is Lake Vrana, where you can also kitesurf, with a total area of 30.7 km². The longest river is the Danube or Dunav with 2,860 km, with only 188 km flowing through Croatia. Croatia has the longest section of the river Sava or Sava with 562 km out of a total length of 945 km.

The best time to travel to Croatia

After the summer is ideal in the summer is and the rest of the year in the north, we will visit Croatia two times. Once in the high season and once in the low season. This way we see the spots at their peak and so we can report them better.

The kitespots

We were already in Croatia in June and discover and test some kitespots. More will follow in September/October. As soon as there is a kitespot description for one of the kitespots in the blog, it will be linked here. You can find more in our new KITEtravelguide: Kitesurfing in Croatia.

Kitespots in Croatia

  • Materada near Poreč
  • Premantura
  • Punat on Krk
  • Nin
  • Zadar
  • Jadrija near Šibenik
  • Primošten
  • Okrug near Trogir
  • Žnjan near Split
  • Omiš
  • Bol on Brač
  • Neretva near Ploče
  • Viganj on Pelješac

The arrival

How we discover Croatia? Of course with our old man, the Wohnix. It is now already 35 years old and will hopefully accompany us on our travels for even longer. After we remodeled it a bit inside last year it is like a Tinyhouse, with everything you need and a nice big kitchen. 🙂

Depending on where you start your journey, you will travel either via Italy or Slovenia. Some are also spoiled for choice which route to take. We have already driven both and will share our experiences under the heading: trip planning in the book. What is your favorite route to Croatia?

On the spot

In the run-up we have already planned kitespots we want to visit or already have. More we always learn from the kite school or other kitesurfers on the spot. We also learn about special highlights of the environments, get tips and get all the info about the respective kitespost. This year we were in Croatia from the end of May to the end of June. In July and August we will do research in Portugal and in September/October we will go to Croatia again. So there will be two new KITE travel guides in the near future. More about this then in our KITEshop.

We are always on the road with our camper so that we can try out and test everything. Here we are always happy to receive tips, great pitches and great experiences from you. So feel free to write us how you did in Croatia and what we must do or should not do in any case. Also important is the issue of supply and disposal and good overnight accommodation near the kitespot.

Which places, islands, kitespots and sights can you recommend and where do we absolutely have to go? We look forward to your tips. Feel free to comment, email, join our group: Kitesurfing in Greece or any of our social media channels.

Stay in contact

Your tips and routes will be taken into account in our planning and we will keep you informed about everything and always report on the spot, where we are, how we are doing and what we are experiencing. If you want to support us and stay up to date, subscribe and like our social media channels on

so that you miss anything.

If you are on Facebook, be sure to join our group: Kitesurfen in Kroatien to exchange ideas with us and other Croatia newbies or pros.

The Kitetravelguide

After our trip, the new kitesurfing travel guide will be created: Kitesurfing in Croatia. At the moment it is still open how many spots will make it into the detailed kitespot description and which ones we will list for self-discovery. But the basic structure is taken from kitesurfing in Greece.

I am already very excited about what we discover, get to know and when we get to know on the way. Are you also traveling in Croatia? Then maybe we meet at one or the other spot. Feel free to contact us if we run into you. We are always happy to meet new people. Even if you’re not in Croatia, you can join us on our travels as we’re always posting stories on Instagram and Facebook.

Or just join our Facebook group: Kitesurfen in Kroatien.

Vidimo se!
See you!

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