Kitesurfing in Spain

Titelbild Kitesurfing in Spain

In 2023, we are really busy. In the spring, Portugal and the 2nd edition of Sardinia appeared. In addition, we are currently writing the Sicily Kitetravelguide, which is expected to be published in late 2023 early 2024 and at the moment we are researching for our Kitetravelguide for Spain. The most southwestern country in the […]

Kitesurfing in Guincho, Portugal

Kitespotkarte von Guincho in Portugal von Einfach Kiten

West of Lisbon, north of the mouth of the Tagus River on the Costa Prata is Praia de Guincho for kitesurfing. A wide dune beach, almost 750 meters long, provides very good wind conditions and waves. Which is why it is popular with a wide variety of water sports enthusiasts and can get crowded accordingly. […]

LiFePO4 lithium battery test, the best option for campers

Especially as a kitesurfer it can be very practical to travel with a camper to discover the kitespots. There are not always campsites or pitches near the spots and you are sometimes on your own. Then it is helpful to be self-sufficient. A solar system is relatively easy to install, but then the question of […]

Kitesurfing in Sicily

We were on the road again with our camper. This time we went to Sicily for kitesurfing and explored the beautiful island intensively. After our already published kite travel guides: Sardinia, Greece, Croatia and Portugal, the next one will be about Sicily.

Solar panel with Powerstation in a camping test

Life and work on the Road - EcoFlowRiverMax + Solarpanel

When we are on our research trips for our KITE travel guides, we rely on mobile power and its storage. In our other article: Powerstation with mobile power supply in camping test we have already reported about a good offer of power stations from Plug-in Festivals. Now they have expanded their range with the EcoFlow […]

Suntribe: Healthy sun protection for kitesurfing

Healthy sun protection with Suntribe, Protect your skin and the seas from the sun in a natural way

As a kitesurfer you are exposed to other extremes besides wind and water. Especially the sun can spoil a kite session for us kitesurfers. Most of the time, you don’t notice until the evening or the next morning that the sunscreen wasn’t enough. Therefore, it is important for us kiters to think about adequate sun […]

Kitesurfing in Portugal

After Sardinia and Greece, we are working on two more kite travel guides this year. Besides Croatia, our kite travel guide for Portugal is also in the works. We were in this great country in 2012 and have and will now look more closely at Portugal. The most western country in the EU In the […]

Kitesurfing in Croatia

After Sardinia and Greece, our next Kitetravelguide is here, Croatia. We have already been to this special country several times and now we deal with Croatia even more intensively. EU member with own currency Although they are part of the EU, Croatia offers you a vacation feeling like the old days because they still have […]

Top 5 Kitespots in Greece

Greece is known for its good wind in summer and so many visit the famous islands of Rhodes, Kos, Limnos, Naxos, Karpathos etc.. But also on the mainland there are top kitespots, which are worth a visit not only in summer. Greece is a bit further away, but it offers beautiful beaches and bays, warm […]

Learn to kitesurf – How do I get started?

Kitesurfing has to fight with many prejudices and not too seldom some are already taken away from the joy of kiting at the start. That’s why I’ve summarized in the following lines what basic requirements are advantageous and what you should pay attention to, so that the fun begins for you already at the start […]