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Kitespotmap from Guincho in Portugal

Kitesurfing in Guincho, Portugal

West of Lisbon, north of the mouth of the Tagus River on the Costa Prata is Praia de Guincho for kitesurfing. A wide dune beach, almost 750 meters long, provides very good wind conditions and waves. Which is why it is popular with a wide variety of water sports enthusiasts and can get crowded accordingly.

you can park on the cliffs or east of the beach to get down to the fine sandy beach. The kitespot is very challenging due to the often strong wind from midday and the rocks on the left and right. In the morning without wind it belongs completely to the surfers.

From Praia de Guincho, which is supposed to mean winds, you are quickly in Lisbon. So you can travel very spontaneously to the special beach. Along with Viana do Castelo, it is one of the few thermal spots with strong winds.

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Location Lisboa, Lisboa
Kitesurfing area medium to large waves
Standing area Yes, depending on the tide, not suitable: Waves
Skill level advanced
Kitestation Yes, several
Wind direction North, northwest, west wind, thermally strengthened
best time February to September, best months April to July, September
Specials Big waves, good wind
Overnight stay Parking, Camping, Accommodation
Free standing not possible

The kitesurfing area

The wide wild beach is very famous and popular with surfers, wind and kite surfers. It is very demanding, so you should be good with your equipment and have experience with waves and strong wind.

On both sides of the bay, which is about 750 meters wide, there are rocks. Just like in the middle of the beach. They can become a big obstacle if you have problems in the Water. Therefore, if possible, keep to the windward side of the middle rocks in the middle of the bay. When you go out, you will be greeted by the waves and the wind will tear at your kite depending on the wind strength.

If you have problems and can’t make it to the beach back, your next possible exit is Praia da Cresmina. There are rocks on the beach there too, so you should pack up your kite and swim ashore.

On this beach there is a silent agreement that kitesurfers go to the middle of the beach, especially in summer, and take off and land there. This way you have enough space on the water and the entrance is relatively safe because the rocks are upwind or further to the edge of the bay.

In summer, especially in the morning when there is no wind, there can be some bathers on site. Most are north by the beach bar or south by the entrance, so you’ll have the most room in the middle. The surfers and windsurfers stay more on the edges of the bay.

NOTE Do not underestimate this spot, it is very challenging. The strong, gusty wind, high waves, currents and rocks left and right. Unfortunately, several accidents happen every year.

Wind and waves

The kitespot is ideal with north, northwest and west winds. It blows most frequently from April to September. The best months are July and August. Due to the Sintra Mountains in the northeast, the cold sea and the large sandy area, local thermals are created in good weather. It blows alone or supports the prevailing wind. If there is no wind, but it has nice weather, then there is probably wind at Praia de Guincho.

The wind starts at noon and gets stronger towards the evening. You should always keep this in mind during your sessions so that your kite is not too big. If the waterfront air gets noticeably warmer, it’s time to head towards the beach. The wind can suddenly be over. Just watch the locals there. In summer, when the backland is hot, the wind often starts later.

When the backland is hot, a thick fog forms on the coast. It disappears in the course of the morning, but can still move around as swaths in places. Then you will experience a very mystical kite session. The wind can blow strong at night and wiggle you to sleep in the camper.

Suitable for

There is a kite school, but we still do not recommend this kite spot for beginners. In strong winds and waves, only very experienced kiters should go on the water. There are rocks, currents and a strong swell.

Kite schools in Guincho

At the southern entrance to the beach you will find the kite store Guincho Surfshop. They give courses, lend material and help you with questions. Another mobile school is SBKiteboarding, they teach at several spots.

Best time in Guincho

The best time for kitesurfing in Guincho is from April to September and especially good is July and August.
Then the wind probability is highest and you can set your watch according to it at noon.
In summer there are many other water sports enthusiasts and bathers on the beach. Take special care here.

Parking and accommodation in Guincho

There are several parking options around the large beach. The most common is the parking lot at the
Kiteshop. It is free and very popular. A little further south is a large parking lot that has a special camper rate for the day. Standing overnight is tolerated. It can get very windy.

North of the beach is also a large parking lot. However, campers or similar are completely undesirable there. Sometimes acquaintances of the owner are tolerated, but otherwise you will be sent away by the staff. Whether you park south, east or north, you won’t have your camper in sight.

There is no campsite on the beach, but about 1.5 km from the surf store is the Orbitur Guincho campsite and you can quickly get to the beach either with your camper or your bike. Super for families and pets are also welcome. Just by the southern parking lot there is the Muchaxo Hotel and almost next to it is the Fortaleza do Guincho. There are other accommodations near the campsite. These also offer mobile homes. You can’t really free-stand at this spot. The beach is located in a nature reserve and therefore camping is prohibited.

The surroundings

In Guincho everything revolves around water sports, so you will meet many surfers, wind and kite surfers. Partly they come alone or with their family. The beach is great for kids and non-kiters in the morning, but it gets very uncomfortable when it’s windy and you should have a windbreaker with you or find something else to do. At the campsite there is a playground and a pool. Otherwise, the area is interesting only for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. There are beach bars, but still the area is very quiet in the evening and for more action you should go to Sintra, Cascais or Lisbon.

The beach is very large and wild, so there are beach bars only at the southern and northern ends. There are also toilets and showers partly chargeable. At the beach bars are also umbrellas, but they looked very battered by the wind. The beach is clean and there are special cigarette boxes at the entrance so you don’t dispose of them in the sand. You can find different trash cans at the hotel and the beach bars. Always leave the beach clean and take your trash back with you. Stay on the boardwalks and respect nature and other people on the beach.

No Wind Action

The beautiful wide dune sand beach invites you to swim in the morning, as the air temperature is pleasant without wind. You are surrounded by beautiful nature and there is nothing but sand. Praia da Cresmina is also very beautiful on windless days. Between the main road and the campsite is the information center of the Duna da Cresmina. You can follow the wooden paths and read through the information. There is also a small bar there and you have a good view over the area. Interesting for nature lovers.

If you’re looking for a sporting change, there’s Playbowling Cascais. There you will find bowling, laser tag, paintball, tennis, crazy kart and much more. Ideal for the whole family, completely away from the beach and sea. You can play golf south of the kite spot at the Oitavos Dunes Golf Course and there are several riding schools in the area. There was also a small bike-skate park for the little ones, the Ride On Tracks.

In the backland and especially in the mountains of Sintra, which belong to the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, you will find beautiful hiking trails. In addition, there are the Penedo da Amizade with great climbing routes. Throughout the area there are several sights to discover. When you’re on location, be sure to take a closer look at Sintra.

From Guincho you are in about half an hour in the old town of Lisbon with its beautiful neighborhoods Alfama and Castelo. There is a lot to discover there. A highlight is the typical yellow streetcar, line 28E. Your route is ideal to discover many attractions in Lisbon.

My tip

If you are traveling in Portugal, you should visit Lisbon and this beautiful kitespot. Especially when the fog is still partially hovering over the waves, it can become very mystical. Usually the wind is not so strong then, otherwise the fog would already be gone.

There is not too much to do in the immediate vicinity, but you should visit the towns of Sintra, Cascais and Lisbon. If there is no wind in the morning, you can enjoy the beautiful nature and go towards the beach only from noon. At the beginning it is not so strong and then increases depending on the weather conditions. In some cases, it can blow all night long.

There is no kite station directly on the beach, but there is a surf store with kite school and rental. You can book a storage and they will be there to help and advise you. Should the spot show its best side with a lot of wind and waves, then you will have to find another place to start with kitesurfing.

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