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Things to know

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Things to know

THE BEST kitesurfer gifts for Christmas

What, it’s Christmas again? I still need gifts. Just now I was kitesurfing on the beach and now comes the festive season?

No sooner have you opened the first door on the Advent calendar than Christmas Eve has arrived. In the past this was different, until all the doors were open it took forever? But why is that?

As you get older you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget the little things. You don’t look forward to events the way you used to.

So the most important thing is to live again more consciously and to enjoy every moment and also to enjoy the little things. Do not let time rush by unheeded.

What should I give

But what you always had were the thoughts about the gifts. What should I give as a gift?

Do I craft something, or do I spend money? What hobbies does the presentee have, or what does he not have yet? So it is not always easy to find something suitable.

I would like to help you with your gift search especially for kitesurfers.

Gifts for kitesurfers

It is not always easy to give a kiter something suitable. Most of the time he owns everything necessary for the sport and what he doesn’t have yet would probably exceed the budget.

That’s why there are now gift ideas for the small to very large purse, which every kitedude and every kitegirl will surely be happy about. But maybe you will find something suitable for yourself. 😀

Vouchers for kiters from 5€

An always suitable gift is a voucher, where the recipient can choose his gift himself. I would like to recommend the following coupons:

Warehouse One voucher from €5* Vouchers available from €5 to €500

Decathlon Gift Voucher* Vouchers available from 5 € to 250 €.

Amazon coupon* Different coupons

mydays vouchers* Gift vouchers for a great experience together.

“Voucher Sport Schuster* Different vouchers from 5 €.

Win 30€ with a pre-order !
Our fifth kite travel guide for Sicily is now available for pre-order in our online shop.

Kitesurf gifts up to 20,-

You want to give just a little attention? Then these tips are definitely right for you:

 Suntribe: Healthy sun protection for kitesurfing*.
Kitesurfers are always very exposed to the sun, so sun protection is very important. To protect yourself well from the sun, the most important thing is not sunscreen. 

Kiteboard Keychain*
And in addition a keychain as a kiteboard, which should not be missing on any keybung at the kiter. Also available in different brands

FRESH Kite & Windsurfing Fragrance Tree*
The somewhat different fragrance trees. They are available as different kite brands and look good on any kite rear view mirror.

TIP Find out beforehand which brand of kite is being ridden.

” Photo Memory*
A super gift for windless days or cool evenings together to be reminded of his 25 best experiences.

 PLAYMOBIL Kitesurfer*

The gift with the
certain wink of the eye.

Also suitable are 
Kitesurfer Rescue with Speedboat
Playmobil surfer with dolphin*
PLAYMOBIL Slackline* and 

With our kitesurfing bundle for Sardinia, Croatia, Portugal
and Greece you get comprehensive information and the
Greece Islands book
as a bonus. for free !

” Waterproof Mobile Phone Case + Audio Function*
Every kiter wants the perfect picture of the perfect move. Therefore, it can be helpful to simply have your cell phone handy. I also use this case for photos or even to listen to music. Ideal with matching waterproof headphones* ..

Bulli money box for kiter, cash box*
You are still not sure which gift it should be? How about a nice way to save for your dream yourself. Perhaps a small starting nest egg is also included.

” Accessories for Gopro*
Most kiters own a GoPro in some way. With this accessory pack, the GoPro can be attached in different ways and helps to put the kiter perfectly in the scene.

Kitesurf gifts up to 50,-

You want to spend a little more? How about the following gift ideas:

Our KITE travel guides
A great gift are our kite travel guides. So far they are available for Sardinia, Greece and Croatia, more will follow. They contain numerous detailed kitespot descriptions of the respective country, give many useful tips and are ideal for kitesurfers with campers, but also without.
Check out our KITEshop right now…

The Schlamuetz
The perfect cap for Snowkiting from fine jersey fabric or for Kitesurfing made of neoprene. In addition, each schlamuetz is versatile and can be worn as a scarf, headband and beanie.
Get creative and choose from 6 material types the ideal schlamuetz as a gift.

Find the ideal Kitefashion as a gift, or become creative yourself and create your individual kite outfit for your kiter friend.

The best Memories… - Männer Premium T-Shirt
  • Print: “Stell dich an die richtige Bar”.
  • Color: Black, White
  • Dimensions: WxH 35 x 45 cm
  • high quality outdoor sticker

Surf Logic Key Security*
With this small safe you will never have to worry about your car key, because it will be well stored on the door handle of the car. The look is also available as Surf Logic MAXI Key Security* ..

Waterproof Dry bag*
Kitesurfers often deal with water, so it is always a good idea to have a bag or backpack to carry your belongings. Whether just to the beach or on a longer tour. This drybag is available from 2l without strap, 5l and 10l with one strap and 20l, 30l and 40l with two straps.

CEWE Photo Book*
A nice reminder of the last kite vacation. Here you can either give away a voucher or a photo book created by you.

Waterproof seat cover*
Short with the neoprene to the next kite spot with the waterproof seat cover no problem.

Photo puzzle*
You have an ideal snapshot of the kiter? But do not want to just hang it on the wall? Then provide extra puzzling fun while assembling. Ideal for windless days.

Kiteboarding Tricktionary: Twintip Supreme Edition – German*
How do you keep a kiter busy, you give him the Tricktionary book and tell him that he must have done every trick once. Have fun practicing by yourself, or watching.

GoPro Telescopic Rod*
Perfect for the flexible all-round view and the obligatory selfie
and close up during jumps in the water.

Changing mat for putting on and taking off the wetsuit*.
No more neoprene full of sand. The Neopen remains clean during undressing and is then immediately packed.*
Here you can find many beautiful photo gifts, such as towels, bags, blankets but also personalized children’s books. There is bound to be something suitable here.

Our new kite travel guide: Kitesurfing in Sardinia is available in our kite store.

  • 60 Kitespots and Infos on 400 pages
  • With colored kitespot photos
  • Resistant thread binding
  • High quality paper
  • Order directly from us

Kitesurf gifts up to 100

It may be up to three digits? Great then I still have these ideas for you:

Schwerelosigkite” Save 10% with code: SWLK-10P-KITE
Also a cool gift are the sustainably produced clothes from Schwerelosigkite. Ideal for every kitesurfer. Check out their website right now and with the coupon code: SWLK-10P-KITE on each of your orders 10% discount.

MONACO DI BAVARIA swim trunks*
The perfect gift for a kiting Bavarian. The swim trunks in leather pants look with original embroidery. Of course also for the KITEgirls* available.

The Kitesurf Maps from Awesomemaps*
Find kitespots on the map and get inspired.

” The Kite and Windsurfing Guide Europe/World: German Edition*
The kiter likes to travel and try new spots, then this book is ideal to test all kitespots.

What size kite in how much wind and how much wind is at all? With the Windboss anemometer you are immediately up to date.

Restube Rescue*
Whether for kite surfing, windsurfing, surfing or professional use. Simply carry always stowed in the bag and attached to the belt or directly to the harness.

Kitesurf gifts up to 250,-

You seem to be very generous, let’s move on:

Trainer kite*
The perfect gift if the recipient just wants to start kitesurfing, or has started. Great for training kite control.

Neoprene dryer*
No more wet neoprene. With the Wetsuit Pro Dryer & Hair Dryer the neoprene dries until the next kite session.

Balance Board*
Ideal for every kitesurfer to train his balance, stability and equilibrium. Especially good if you want to switch to hydrofoilboarding or have just started.

The Woo 4.0* Kite Jump Altimeter
The kiter always tells you about the awesome feeling when he jumps and how far he always sees then? Now he has the possibility to set his height exactly and to compete with others. The perfect gift for men.

Electric pump for kite inflation*
Pumping up the kite is starting to be too tedious? An electric battery pump helps not to have no more puff before kiting.

” The water resistant fitness watches GARMIN Fenix* and Apple Watch*
3 hours on the water, tons of kilometers driven, but no one knows anything for sure. With the right fitness wristband, you can now record everything and also share it with your friends.

Kitesurf gifts up to 500,-

Would you like more? Well then I have something else for you:

GOPRO the latest models*
If there is actually still a kiter without a GoPro, then he deserves to own one. Or his is simply older. But one thing’s for sure, with a GoPro, you’ll hit the mark with everyone.

DJI Mavic Mini*
A super small, handy drone with only 250 g. And yet it is in no way inferior to its big brother the DJI Mavic. The perfect gift for a kitesurfer.

Kitesurf gifts from 500,-

A special highlight is now coming for the very large purse:

DJI Mavic Pro Drone*
A super handheld drone that creates exceptional footage. It makes every kiter’s heart beat faster, who passionately creates videos and photos of his kite action.

XL Mega Sup from Aqua Marina*
As a kite you should always have a sup with you for a possible kite rescue. With the large Sup Aqua Marina fits the kite also super with it.

Homemade DIY

Instruction kite poncho

” Poncho from old towels + Simplicol textile paint*.
There are many ponchos, but a homemade one is even more special. You can download a small instruction as pdf here.

Have fun with the gift!

Purchase recommendation

The links marked with * are affiliate links and so I receive a commission for my recommendation. This changes the price for not you

If you like one of my suggestions and you can make someone happy, then I am happy about your Purchase through my link, as a small thank you.

Happy holidays

At In the end, Christmas is about family, friends and the Commonality. I wish you contemplative days with your loved ones and do not let time rush by unheeded.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

*Affiliate link: The links marked with * are so-called affiliate links. If a purchase is made via such a link, we will receive a commission. There are no additional costs for you. Where, when and how you buy a product is of course up to you.

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Unser erster Kitereiseführer ganze Neu, Sardinien in der 2. Ausgabe

Unser neuer Kitereiseführer: Kitesurfen auf Sardinien ist in unserem Kiteshop erhältlich.

  • 60 Kitespots und Infos auf 400 Seiten
  • Mit farbigen Kitespotfotos
  • widerstandsfähige Fadenbindung
  • hochwertiges Papier
  • Bestellung direkt bei uns

inkl. MwSt, zzgl. Versandkosten

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  • Mit farbigen Kitespotfotos
  • widerstandsfähige Fadenbindung
  • hochwertiges Papier
  • Bestellung direkt bei uns

inkl. MwSt, zzgl. Versandkosten

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Unser Kitefoilkurs

Ab sofort findest du unsere deutschsprachige KITEfoilvideoschulung in unserem Mitgliedsbereich.

  • 6 deutschsprachige Videos
  • Einzelvideos oder komplettes Kurspaket
  • 1 Jahr lang unbegrenzten Zugang
  • für Anfänger und Aufsteiger

inkl. MwSt, zzgl. Versandkosten

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Der KITEreiseguide für Kroatien

Ab sofort ist unser dritter Kitereiseführer für Kroatien in unserem Online-Shop erhältlich.

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  • Mit farbigen Kitespotfotos
  • widerstandsfähige Fadenbindung
  • hochwertiges Papier
  • Bestellung direkt bei uns

inkl. MwSt, zzgl. Versandkosten

Our recommendation

Der KITEreiseguide für Portugal

Ab sofort ist unser vierter Kitereiseführer für Portugal in unserem Online-Shop zum vorbestellen erhältlich.

Unter all den Vorbestellungen
wird wieder ein 30,- € EinfachKiten

  • Erscheint: Dezember 2022
  • mit ca. 30 Kitespots
  • Mit farbigen Kitespotfotos
  • widerstandsfähige Fadenbindung
  • hochwertiges Papier
  • Bestellung direkt bei uns

inkl. MwSt, zzgl. Versandkosten

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Who writes here?

My name is Sabrina and I am a passionate kiter. I report about cool kitespots, funny experiences and give tips about kitesurfing, kitefiling and life in a camper.

kiteprinzess | hydrofoilgirl | kreativjunky | part time nomad

Now it's your turn

Do you still have a suitable gift? Or what did you get as a kiter? I look forward to your comment. I look forward to your comment.

You found this post helpful or entertaining? Then feel free to recommend it. I am grateful to you for this support!

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