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Powerstation with mobile power supply in camping test

Experiencereports: With these three products you are independent everywhere

Live and work mobile from anywhere at the beach, camping, on the boat or simply at home in the garden, with this mobile energy storage, a power station with matching foldable solar panel you are well supplied in all your activities and always have chilled drinks thanks to compressor refrigerator.

Most of all we like to travel with our old man, a Fiat Ducato motorhome built in 1986, to the most beautiful kitespots in Europe and we park there mostly self-sufficient. We travel every year and do research for our KITEtravelguides. Thats why, a mobile power supply on the beach is ideal for us when kitesurfing. Because we need/want to work from anywhere we also always need enough power for laptop, cell phone and camera and this is where the power station comes into play.

But also for everyday things, such as the electric toothbrush, the refrigerator, light in the evening or even the blender, there should always be enough power. Until now, we had our 100 watt solar panel on the roof and a 115Ah gel battery, which has also let us down, or was simply not enough.

Mobile power through solar energy

In the summer of 2020, we discovered a cool company, Plug-in Festivals. At first you might think, what does this have to do with kitesurfing and camping. But at second glance, you’ll discover that the products they offer are ideally suited to a mobile kitesurfer. So you have power even at the most remote kitespots, to work, live, or just edit your videos and photos.

We have again explored new countries for our kite travel guides. And to be perfectly equipped, we had the TRAVELBOX500 of the brand CROSSTOOLS – a Power Station with 500W and the foldable solar panel with 120Watt from Plug-in Festivals with us. This way we were very flexible with our power supply, could use both everywhere and ideally aligned to the sun.

Best of all, theTRAVELBOX500 mobile power supply has a pure sine wave, which means you can easily charge your electric toothbrush. This did not work for us before, because our inverter only has a modified sine wave. We had to connect to the power every now and then.

When the cooling is right

As mentioned before, we have an older motorhome and the original refrigerator ate more electricity than it cooled. So we kicked it out and remodeled the new space to make a place for a cooler.

This space will be filled this year with the compressor cooler IceCube from Plug-in Festivals, with 40 liters of capacity and provides us with very little power consumption, always chilled drinks and food from – 20 ° to + 10 °. At the same time, when it is cooling down again, it is very quiet and can only be perceived as a low hum.

3 things we could no longer travel without it

These three products, the Powerstation TRAVELBOX500the foldable 120W solar panel and the IceCube compressor fridgeare ideal in combination for any camping vacation, on your sailing trip, at your festival visit or simply on the beach to be well supplied even in the most remote places.

Of course, they also work individually and the IceCube cooler is available in four different sizes. The travelbox is also available in 2 other varieties, the TRAVELBOX500PLUS and the TRAVELBOX500V. I would like to introduce you to the three products individually and show you why we want to have them on our trips.

The TRAVELBOX500 Powerstation

The small mobile power battery lets you charge just about anything while being very handy and perfect for on the go. You can charge the small mobile energy storage with power supply either from a power outlet, cigarette lighter or solar panel and at the same time you can already charge your devices. Two Schuko sockets, three USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 plug, one USB C plug with 18W, three 12V round plugs and one 12V universal plug are available.

In total, you can attach consumers with 500 watts, which are supplied with a pure sine wave.

When we are just standing at a kitespot and kitesurfing, the portable power supply is usually outside, and is powered by the 120W solar panel charged. At the same time, the cable of the cable drum leads into the motorhome, where various things are then connected to the power station, such as cell phone, toothbrush, Internet, camera batteries, etc.. When we drive further and discover new kitespots, then the powerbox is connected to our inverter and charged from the car battery. Alternatively, you could plug it into the cigarette lighter, but that’s usually already occupied by our cell phones.

Powerstation Travelbox500.
Technical data 500
Battery40000mAh Lithium Power (40Ah)
ChargingAC 90W 5,6h | DC 12V-30V via solar: Max 90W
constant output power500W
Voltage transformer integratedpure sine wave
2 x socket230V 500W
USB connector3xUSB2.0 2.5A + 1xUSB3.0 3A + 1xUSBC
Universal plug12V 180W
Energy content444 Wh
Technical data 500 Plus
Battery50000mAh Lithium Power (50Ah)
ChargingAC 90W 5,6h | DC 12V-30V via solar: Max 90W
constant output power500W
Voltage transformer integratedpure sine wave
2 x socket230V 500W
USB connector3xUSB2.0 2.5A + 1xUSB3.0 3A + 1xUSBC
Universal plug12V 180W
Energy content555 Wh
Technical data 500 V
Battery50000mAh Lithium Power (50Ah)
ChargingAC 90W 5,6h | DC 12V-30V via solar: Max 90W
constant output power500W
Voltage transformer integratedpure sine wave
2 x socket230V 500W
USB connector3xUSB2.0 2.5A + 1xUSB3.0 3A + 1xUSBC
Universal plug12V 180W
Energy content555 Wh

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x Charging cable 230V
  • 1 x Charging cable car socket (cigarette lighter)
  • 1 x Connection cable for solar panel

For Travelbox 500 V

  • 1 AC wall charger with CHICK CHARGE function

Best Combined

You can use the Powerstation TRAVELBOX500 of the brand CROSSTOOLS alone and charge it at home or while driving your car and then use it on the road. Or you connect it with a mobile solar panel and let it be charged by the sun in an environmentally friendly way. Ideal here is the foldable 120W solar panel from Plug-in Festivals.

Why a power station as a mobile power supply

We are almost always Free and can only use solar energy for our electrical appliances. This small power station, the TRAVELBOX500 provides us with the necessary power, among other things. And we rely on electricity because we have to work on the road, do research, and charge a lot of things all the time. Most of the time our gel battery from the camper is not enough and then the power station is ideal. In combination with the foldable solar panel, the battery is directly recharged while charging our devices.

The mobile power supplier the TRAVELBOX500 is a perfect solution if you want to have power everywhere in a simple way and especially the pure sine wave is a highlight of this small box. We have tested them intensively on our trips through Greece, Croatia and Portugal and can only recommend them.

Foldable solar panel

An ideal combination to the above described power station offers the foldable solar module from Plug-in Festivals. It has a power of 120W and when you don’t need it, it folds up to save space.

With it you can ideally use the solar energy and charge your batteries everywhere, or store the energy with the TRAVELBOX500, the mobile power supply, for the sunless hours. It is a simple way to use the sun for your purposes, without having to build or modify anything. It is quick to assemble and disassemble and easy to use.

Foldable solar panel 120W
Technical data
Power3×40Wp (120 Wp)
Make CellSunPower Cells with 24% efficiency
Maximum voltage(Vmp) 20.9V
Maximum current output(Imp) 5.97A
Cable length5.0 meters
Dimensions closed560x440x20mm
Dimensions unfolded1525x560x4mm
Daily yield in summerapprox. 500 Wh

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x folding module incl. 5 m solar cable

Best Combined

Are you looking for a simple, mobile way to use and store solar energy? No matter where you are and without being tied to a specific vehicle? Then the combination of the TRAVELBOX500 and the foldable solar panel is ideal for you.

The modules also have a DC and USB port so you can charge your devices directly in this way, but only as long as the sun shines. To make good use of the excess energy, you should connect a battery or accumulator to the module.

If you don’t already have a battery or a suitable power station, then get the TRAVELBOX500 with the module to be able to use your captured energy later. In this way you have a ready mobile solar station that you can easily set up anywhere and use individually.

Why a foldable solar panel?

Not everyone wants or is able to install a solar panel on their roof or car. This foldable solar module thus offers the ideal alternative to fixed solar solutions. It can be used individually, is super fast to assemble and disassemble and takes up little space when not in use. The perfect solution for anyone who likes to use solar energy for themselves, without major remodeling.

Compressor cooler

An indispensable gadget for me is a compressor cooler. Unlike conventional coolers, which only cool when the fan is running or the cold packs allow it, you get a power-saving cooler that gives you ice-cold drinks. It won’t let you down with food either, and depending on the capacity of the box, you won’t have to give up perishable food.

We previously had only a simple cooler that only cooled when it was running and so it also consumed a lot of electricity. Electricity that you can use better elsewhere, especially if you are self-sufficient. Additionally, we were never sure if the perishable food would hold up like this without breaking. Therefore, we usually bought perishable food on the same day and ate it as quickly as possible.

Now with the compressor cooler, it will be almost unnoticeable that something consumes electricity. In addition, the cooler always has the temperature you set, from -20° to +10°. No “so and so much” below outside temperature, even if it is over 30 ° in the camper. And the drinks are just perfect 🙂 Because what’s better than a cold beer after a cool kite session!

Due to the wide cooling range from -20° to +10°, you can use it as a cooler or freezer. The easiest thing to do then is just have two, one as a fridge and one as a freezer. You can operate the coolers with the cigarette lighter or the socket, so you are very flexible here. Additionally, you can open the lid of the cooler either crosswise or lengthwise, depending on how you screw it on.

TIP: You can also control every compressor cooler from PluginFestivals with an app. Download the “Plug-in Festivals” app from the Appstore or GooglePlay and simply connect it with Bluetooth.

We use the 40L model and have so much space for our refrigerated food and drinks. For the other things we have a drawer right next to the cooler. But it also comes in 25L, 30L and 50L versions depending on your needs. In length and width all boxes are the same, only in height they differ.

Technical data 25 liters
Weight13,5 kg
Volume25 liters
Adjustable temperatures-20°C to +10°C
Energy consumption75 kWh/year
Technical data 30 liters
Weight14,6 kg
Volume30 liters
Adjustable temperatures-20°C to +10°C
Energy consumption77 kWh/year
Technical data 40 liters
Volume40 liters
Adjustable temperatures-20°C to +10°C
Energy consumption78 kWh/year
Technical data 50 liters
Volume50 liters
Adjustable temperatures-20°C to +10°C
Energy consumption80 kWh/year

Scope of delivery

  • 1 compressor cooler 25L | 30L | 40L | 50L
  • 1 connection cable for cigar lighter 12/24V
  • 1 Connection cable for the socket
  • 1 Operating instructions

Why a compressor refrigerator in the camper?

Are you looking for an on-the-go cooling option that is quiet, doesn’t use a lot of power, doesn’t just cool down to a certain ambient temperature, and is easy to use? Then we can offer you the compressor coolers from Plug-in Festivals highly recommended. I don’t want to miss them anymore and would have liked to have discovered them earlier.

Our impression

We have tested all three products intensively on our kite trips through Greece, Croatia and Portugal. They were used daily and they never let us down. We highly recommend them if you’re looking for a portable, simple solution for your power consumption.

The foldable solar module and the TRAVELBOX500 form a perfect pair to be powered anywhere. The ideal addition is the energy-saving IceCube compressor refrigerator and you are perfectly equipped for your next kiteboarding adventure.

From now on our KITE travel guides: Kitesurfing in Croatia, Kitesurfing in Greece,Mainland and Kitesurfing in Sardinia, are available in our store.

Alle drei Kitereiseführer

So if you want to harness the sun’s energy in a simple way, store and use electricity wherever you are and don’t want to miss out on a cool drink after kitesurfing, get one or all three products.

You still have questions about the individual products? Feel free to comment or email us at

Purchase recommendation and transparency

We chose the three products from Plug-in Festivals for testing and used them intensively on our kite trips. After that we will give them back and they will go into the rental pool of Plug-in Festivals. This is a cool, sustainable offering.

Since we are very dependent on mobile power and have already tried a lot, these three products convinced us immediately in terms of quality and price.
This is the basis for this test report, which will be supplemented by our experiences after our kite trip.

If you use one of our affiliate links, you can give us something back because we receive a commission. Thank you very much for this.

Have fun living and working self-sufficiently!

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